Team NOS

Never out of Stock 110 1600x1600 e1665231506463

More than 1000 Articles in the warehouse

Smallest order units with mainly single packaging units

Ready to ship within 1 to 2 days

Never out of Stock 113





Never out of Stock 123 1600x1600

Wide product range within our never out of stock program:

Day- and Nightwear

Knitting combinations

Knitting combinations

Socks and tights

Home textiles etc.

Never out of Stock 217 2000x1333





Never out of Stock 260 2000x1333

Program Example „Essential“

Minimalistic design in a variety of textured materials

Easy to combine

Recommended as a self standing never out of stock program or an addition to seasonal collections.

Never out of Stock 209 1066x1600 e1665580564889
Never out of Stock 128 2000x1333

On-site service at the point of sale

Disposition to Full-Service Level

EDI Sales Report

Never out of Stock 279 1066x1600 e1665580594350

Programm example “Multipack Module”

Sets of 2 or 3

Open-hanging presentation of goods

Recommended for the specialist store or textile department

Never out of Stock 105 2000x1335

Program example „Drug store module”

Standard hanging dimensions

Ideal arrangements on small areas

Everyday styles

Recommended for drugstore departments

Analysis, planning, development and implementation

Analysis of the customer's situation

What is the overall offer?

Where should the program be placed?

How much space is available?

What shopfitting is provided?

Planning of the NOS program

Defining the scope of the programme

Decision on the type of presentation of goods

Determination of relevant article groups and pre-selection of “must haves”

Development of individual concepts

Private Label Programs

Topic- or material-specific NOS capsules

Seasonal programs
e.g. in the field of knitwear and swimwear

NOS Implementation

Prototyping and fine tuning at the POS

Test phase with screening

Roll Out

Continuous Optimization


Mit Dforce Workwear bieten wir Dir robuste, bequeme und stylische Arbeitskleidung, die dir den Arbeitsalltag erleichtern. Du hast Interesse an unserer bestehenden Kollektion oder wünscht dir ein unternehmenseignes Design? Sprich uns gerne an!